Service Category: Speech & Language Therapy

Let’s take the STEPS together

At STEPS we conduct assessments by gathering information from caregivers, friends and those in the home and school environment. We also indirectly assess through play and fun in order to discover the communication challenges and then create a plan to address them. Our caring, expert therapists use a range of therapeutic techniques that leverage the latest technologies to make each session fun and productive. To learn more about how our Speech Therapy programs can provide the support you need, contact 1724 6256 for a consultation.

We Help find their voice

Noor is a bilingual Speech and language Therapist specialized in assessing and treating communication disorders. She holds a Bachelor’s in Speech and Language Therapy and believes that everyone has a unique and powerful way of communicating with others and that everyone deserves to find their voice.

Akshaya is a passionate Speech and Language Therapist who holds a Masters in Speech Language Pathology and has completed certifications in Oral Placement Therapy and Play Therapy for children with special needs.

Empowering Communication

STEPS provide professional Arabic and English Speech and Language Therapy programs designed to help children, young adults and adults overcome a range of speech and language challenges that may be affecting their ability to communicate and overall quality of life. Our therapy approaches vary from naturalistic play-based sessions for our younger people, to more structured based sessions. We use evidence-based strategies in our speech and language intervention to treat difficulties with fluency, language, speech, eating and swallowing, cognition-communication, resonance, and auditory rehabilitation / habitation, depending on the specific challenges.