Service Category: Music Therapy

STEPS towards Healing

Music skills are not necessary in order to achieve great results with Music Therapy. Children are invited to make music, sing or just listen to music according to the therapeutic goals. To learn more about how Music Therapy can support your child, contact 1724 6256 for a consultation.

Tapping into neurological networks

As a medium, music activates the same neurological networks that are used for speaking, listening and moving. At STEPS we use Music Therapy to tap into these brain structures that are used for cognitive, sensorimotor and emotional processing to address the unique challenges of each child. From speech delay to autism spectrum disorder, and motor skills deficits, Music Therapy supports your child’s health and wellness.

Enhancing development through music

STEPS use music therapy to improve communication skills, independence, attention and concentration, and to support mood regulation and the management of stress and anxiety in children and adolescents of all ages.

Florencia Grasselli-Schuijt, who has a Master’s in music therapy from Colorado State University in the US, uses Neurological Music Therapy to support the treatment of a range of challenges, including developmental delays, attentional deficit, anxiety and depression, and behavioral, academic and emotional expression issues. She also works with children with cerebral palsy, autism and down’s syndrome to help them gain confidence and independence.