Service Category: Academic Assessments

Helping students reach their full potential

STEPS conduct NHRA approved diagnostic educational assessments for children of all ages.

Academic Assessments are conducted by Dr. Aleksandra Turk, (PsyD Clinical Psychology), a Clinical Psychologist specialized in full educational assessments.

Specialists in Educational Diagnosis

STEPS are specialists in educational diagnostics. We conduct psychometric testing for educational assessments and provide evaluations for students from pre-school to university.

Personalized Plans

STEPS provide customized programs designed to address your child’s specific needs. Dr. Turk works closely with STEPS team of speech and reading specialists and expert therapists to provide a holistic solution that supports the learning process.

Taking the STEPS together

STEPS will monitor the progress of your child throughout the process. Dr. Turk has helped thousands of students in Bahrain reach their full academic potential, working closely with students, parents and schools to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time. To learn more about STEPS Academic Assessments contact 1724 6256 for a consultation.