Service Category: Occupational Therapy

STEPS to success

STEPS will work with you and your child to develop a customized and personalized plan based on your child’s specific needs. At STEPS, we provide a colorful, fun and encouraging environment where your child can develop the skills needed to reach their full potential.

To learn more about how Occupational Therapy can support your child, contact 1724 6256 for a consultation.

Development through play

At STEPS, we help a child reach their full potential through play. Our passionate team are focused on supporting your child to reach their goals, using a range of fun activities designed to improve their physical, emotional and social development.

Hajra Zafar is an Occupational therapist, with a special interest in handwriting and neurodevelopment. She helps children gain their independence, while strengthening their fine motor, sensory motor and visual motor skills.

She is also the Regional Director-Asia at Occupational Therapy Without Borders.

Building life skills

STEPS Occupational Therapy team build a child’s confidence and independence through a wide range of programs designed to address challenges that they may face at home, at school and in social situations. Our programs, which include Attention Development, Sensory Integration, Fine Motor and Self-Help Skills have helped hundreds of children improve their focus, sensory regulation of body, handwriting, ability to participate in sports and to independently and confidently socialize and complete their daily tasks.